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Model Engineering is a popular leisure-time activity worldwide and that popularity continues to grow at an amazing rate. Model engineers come from all types of backgrounds and occupations. They are generally a very friendly bunch of people, who are always ready to help others, especially newcomers to the hobby.the australian model engineering magazine caters for all interests in model engineering, including RC boats, planes, trains, traction engines and more!ame also has practical workshop projects and theory
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AME 197 Contents

In this issue:

Port Augusta Model Engineers farewell "Homestead Park"

Making Miniature Ignition Coils

Small Gauge Weekend Report

Narrow gauge rollingstock - Skips

Effects of LBSC... a long time ago

Australian Model Engineering

Thoughts on 'Track and Tent'

WOMBAT - Part 4 - Painting tips and making a start on the tender tank.

Jim Jackson and 2401

NATHAN DV 6 Mechanical Lubricator

A Homemade Slitting Saw Holder


Australian Model Engineering

MODERN LIVE STEAM TECHNOLOGY - Part 10 - More axlebox matters.

Wagons and a Van for "Jack" and "Gwen"

Coming Events

Joe’s "Wombat" Progress

Club Roundup

BOOK REVIEW - Here be Dragons

News Desk

Market Place

Australian Model Engineering Current Cover

Australian Model Engineering
Australian Model Engineering
Australian Model Engineering
Australian Model Engineering