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Model Engineering is a popular leisure-time activity worldwide and that popularity continues to grow at an amazing rate. Model engineers come from all types of backgrounds and occupations. They are generally a very friendly bunch of people, who are always ready to help others, especially newcomers to the hobby.the australian model engineering magazine caters for all interests in model engineering, including RC boats, planes, trains, traction engines and more!ame also has practical workshop projects and theoryame also has practical construction projects to assist you in development of your interest
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Upcoming Model Engineering Events


8 - 11 February
13th Australian Wooden Boat Festival, Tas.

Builders and owners of model boats now have the opportunity to show-off their treasures at the Model Boat display as part of the 2019 MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival. There is no cost to enter model boats, although depending on space there may be a limit to the numbers able to be accepted. Registrations are now open with model boat owners invited to register at WHERE: Sullivan's Cove, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. INFORMATION: visit ? EVENT BLOG: CONTACT: +61 3 6223 3375

22 - 24 February
Orange Society of Model Engineers All Comers Weekend, NSW

An invitation to all AALS affiliated clubs to our track in Matthews Park (Cnr Anson and Moulder Sts. Orange. 5" gauge only track available from 8.30am each day. Bring your steam or diesel/electric locos, traction engines, steam wagons or stationary engines. Morning/afternoon tea provided. Microwave and BBQ available. Limited storage space. Enquiries: Find us on Facebook.

9 March
TLSS Birthday Run- Bulla, Victoria

Tullamarine Live Steam Society invites associated clubs to participate in our annual birthday run. Tracks are 3½"-5" and 5"-7¼" plus grounds for Traction Engines. Boiler certificates will be inspected, locos MUST be fitted with spark arrestors, locos and rolling stock must have effective brakes fitted. All fuel supplied. Bottomless coffee or tea pots, and sausage sizzle lunch. Planning to attend? Help with catering by advising, Wayne Roberts on (03) 9330 7368 or email

9 - 10 March
Edgeworth Birthday Weekend, NSW

LMLSLS will be hosting their annual Birthday Run again. Visitors are welcome to arrive on Friday 8 March to set up camp for the weekend. 3½, 5 and 7¼ inch gauge locos and all your rolling stock welcome. Char, coal and light up wood supplied. 12 volt and compressed air (Ryco fitting) for light up. Contact Mick Gray via for more info.

10 - 21 April
63rd AALS Convention. Qld.

This year the AALS Convention heads to Warner, Queensland to the grounds of the Queensland Society of Model and Experimental Engineers. All the information is on their display ad on page 74.

4 - 6 May
7th All Queensland Scale Model Weekend. Qld.

Grandchester M. L. S. A. invites all owners and builders of Scale Model Queensland Locomotives to come along to the All Queensland Scale Model Weekend to be held at the club grounds. The club has 5" and 7¼" ground level track only. Trophies will be presented for the Best Queensland Model in each Gauge. Please note that Sunday the 5th is public running. For more information or to register email the Club Secretary at -

18 - 19 May
Blowfly Rally & Birthday Weekend Run - Mudgee Miniature Railway, NSW

The Mudgee Miniature Railway invites everyone to attend the 27th ‘Blowfly Rally & Birthday Weekend Run' on the 18th & 19th May 2019. While we're aiming for as many Blowfly locos as possible, all types of locos are welcome whether steam, petrol or electric. Track is 3 ½" & 5" gauge ground level. Camping available on site. Book accommodation early, another major event in town that weekend. Contact the secretary - Peter King on 0458 555 929 or email :

8 - 10 June 25th Hot Pot Run - Wollongong NSW Illawarra Live Steamers invite you to enjoy our 25th Hot Pot Anniversary wintery weekend of hot steamy soup, fresh bread rolls with an abundance of rolling stock and locomotives thrown in. Entry fee donation of three (3) cans of soup per person for the weekend. Camping and registerd Caravans entry from Friday (7th). Trade Stands are invited. Contact Rob Robertson on 0429 846 644, email at Caravan booking: John Wilson 0419 493 010 - Look us up at